Automatically monitor your portfolio of stocks

Monitoring your portfolio has never been easier! Create alarms and get notified when triggers are met. Easy to get started, simple to use and 100% free (even no ads)!

Three alarms

Choose between three alarms: target, day change and trailing

Simple interface

Get started instantly, with our easy to use interface

Available Globally

Stock Alert is available on all markets worldwide

All exchanges

We allow you to monitor stocks from all the largest exchanges

Push notifications if something happens

When you have setup an alarm, we monitor the stock for you. When the market closes, you instantly get a push notification if your trigger is met.

Choose the alarm right for you

We make stock alarms simple. Setup a trailing stop alarm, to get notified if the trend changes on your stock – or a basic target or day change alarm.

Start with 10 alarms for free, and no ads

Stock Alert is 100% free to use, but limited to 10 free alarms. Upgrade to Pro to be able to setup an unlimited number alarms.

Download Stock Alert now

Start monitoring your portfolio better, while spending less time doing so.